Remarketing Campaigns Implementation & Optimization

Re-engage with the customers that have already visited your site and have shown interest in your product/brand

Remarketing is a really efficient tool that it’s utilized to increase the percentage of closings of the buying cycle. This tool has a really high ROI and it helps to optimize the budget previously invested.

AdWEJ has had the opportunity to work in advanced implementation of remarketing strategies. This experience comes from segmenting audiences in really small clusters which allows us to increase the conversion rates and effectiveness of remarketing efforts. In addition, all of our agents are trained to perform dynamic implementations of remarketing, which requires development knowledge.

Our Experience in Remarketing entails:

  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
  • Display Remarketing/Dynamic Remarketing
  • Social Paid Remarketing

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Search Remarketing

Campaigns based on audiences for Search Remarketing allows us to structure your SEM campaigns with specific ads and bids that will generate a better impact upon the 2 nd or 3 rd impression. The idea is to leverage the awareness of the user and impact it with a high valuable benefit.

Display Remarketing

Display Remarketing is primarily used to generate sales; however, it is also used to increase brand awareness and visibility of a brand. Display Remarketing uses graphic ads in advertising spaces when the users are navigating the pages of Google Display Network.

Social Paid Remarketing

Users spend a high amount of time on social networks. AdWEJ’s approach on social paid is strictly related to Remarketing. By investing money in social networks once your user has engaged with your products or services, you are ensuring that that budget will be more probable to convert.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign types

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