Google Analytics Consulting & Implementation

Advanced Implementation of Google Analytics and Ecommerce Tracking

If you want to elevate your Google Analytics data processing and analysis, AdWEJ can help you to implement advanced setups for Google Analytics. These configurations are done for any industry whether the nature of it is ecommerce or not

AdWEJ commitment is to data, our mission is to help your tools be finely tuned so you can gather correct data for real analysis and decision making.

Learn how to avoid biases & make data driven business decisions

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Personalized Reporting

The beauty of Google Analytics is that you can segment data to provide offer information or insights that were not previously considered. AdWEJ uses these segmentations to offer you reporting that matters to your business.

  • Acquisition Channel reports
  • User Behavior Reports
  • Ecommerce Reports
  • Content Reports

Data interpretation and analysis

At AdWEJ we believe data is the core of every business. We help you analyze this data so you can find the right mix of traffic acquisition that matter and are relevant to your business objectives. We have experience using tools like Optimizely, Google Optimize and other A/B Testing tools

Google Analytics Audit

The Process of this audit relies heavily on the technical side. Our focus goes from the technical to the practical side of the Google Analytics to ensure proper tracking of the information that is being collected. Our audit covers more than 25 topics, some are:

  • Cross domain tracking
  • Correct e-commerce implementation
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Filters and Views
  • Redirects
  • Funnels and Meta data

Learn how to avoid biases & make data driven business decisions

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