Google Tag Manager Management and Optimization

Consulting of Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Our team of experts in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics will help you install all your tags and pixels required to measure all the interactions and traffic of your website. Some of the interactions to be measured are:

  • Pageview tracking
  • Ecommerce and enhanced ecommerce in GA
  • Add to cart clicks
  • Call to action clicks
  • Social Network clicks
  • Lead form follow up
  • Social Network pixels
  • Scroll-depth
  • Video Plays
  • Custom dimensions

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Google Analytics Implementation

AdWEJ can implement any type of tracking of interactions through Google Tag Manager in a very optimized way. GTM allows us to measure a lot of things from scroll-depth, lead forms, important actions and more. GTM is really recommended because it simplifies the tracking of events, cross domains and other advanced settings of Google Analytics.

Data Layer Support

Google Tag Manager is designed to work in a very optimal way with all events and variables that live within the dataLayer. We can help you generate a universal dataLayer for your site with all the requirements to guarantee a correct implementation.

Implementation of other tracking pixels

If you are using other marketing channels, GTM can manipulate all their variables and communication with the website and it’s dataLayer. GTM can store and send information that is used multiple times by different pixels. This allows a better implementation and reduces the risk of having mistakes on tracking.

Learn how to avoid biases & make data driven business decisions

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